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3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Arthritis-Friendly

Cindy Moreno

Many people with arthritis, especially when it affects their weight-bearing joints, face difficulties with simple tasks in the bathroom. Just a few changes to your bathroom can make a significant difference in your pain level from doing simple activities.

1. Reduce Shower And Bath Barriers

One of the biggest hurdles to showering or bathing is getting in and out. You may find it is easier to have a separate shower and bath so you can tailor them to your needs. For your shower, choose options that are almost flush with surrounding floor. This means you do not need to step up or only step up a little to enter or exit the shower. Similarly, a walk-in tub is a good alternative to minimize the chance of tripping and falling. Make sure the flooring around your shower and tub are designed to have traction, even when wet. Generally, the flooring material will have slight texture, but not enough to hurt your bare feet.

2. Add Comfort

There are several amenities for your bathroom that can make the environment more comfortable and easier to use. Shower seats are a popular option, especially if you have a difficult time standing for long periods. If you are designing a bathroom from scratch, you should consider having a folding shower seat incorporated into the design. This way, you do not have to move the shower seat when other people use the shower. Changing the knobs for the faucets will also make your bathroom more arthritis-friendly. Lever-style knobs are often easier on your hands because they require less grasping. Each faucet should also have a detachable spray nozzle for easier bathing and washing your hair.

3. Upgrade Your Toilet

Depending on your height and your specific limitations from arthritis, you might find a standard toilet is difficult to use. In many cases, people with arthritis in their knees find the toilet is too low to sit down comfortably and makes it difficult to stand up. A raised toilet seat can reduce this problem. Although the toilet seat is higher, the difference is not drastic and should not cause problems for other people in your household, unless they are small children. Increasing the toilet seat height also prevents you from sitting with your knees bent below parallel, which can also minimize knee pain. If you generally have difficulties sitting or standing up, be sure to install a handrail next to the toilet. Having the handrail professionally installed will help you feel confident it is sturdy enough for your needs.

The bathroom can be one of the biggest hurdles in your home when you have arthritis. Making your bathroom more arthritis-friendly will not only improve comfort, but it can reduce your risk of injury. For more information on installing barrier-free showers, contact your local show door installation team.