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Creating Happiness Every Day

Myths About Alcohol Dependency

Cindy Moreno

Alcohol can be one of the most commonly abused substances, but individuals will often overlook the seriousness of alcohol problems. Misinformation about this condition can further lead individuals to make poor decisions for combating this condition, which can make it extremely difficult or impossible for these individuals to be able to take back control of their lives.

Myth: Alcohol Is Only A Problem If You Are Unable To Work

There is a common image of the bumbling alcoholic that is unable to keep a job in any way. While this is one possible outcome of alcoholism, it is also possible for individuals to be high functioning despite suffering from this condition. As a result, these individuals may be able to excel in their careers despite having a drinking problem. For these individuals, alcohol can inhibit their ability to form meaningful relationships, pose serious health risks and lead to depression or other mood disorders.

Myth: Stopping Drinking Will Be Enough

Individuals that struggle with alcohol will often be under the impression that if only they could temporarily stop drinking that their problem would go away. However, it should be noted that individuals with severe alcohol addiction may be unable to safely stop drinking without professional help due to the danger of detoxification. Additionally, individuals will always have the impulses to abuse alcohol, and it is necessary for individuals to learn to overcome and control these impulses if they are to free themselves of their drinking problem.

Myth: There Are No Benefits To Support Groups Or Outpatient Therapy

As part of the process of overcoming alcohol problems, individuals will typically need to undergo some degree of outpatient therapy or participate in support groups. Patients will often question the value of these programs for a variety of reasons. However, this can be an invaluable way for patients to learn and reinforce the skills needed to resist their addiction. Support groups can also provide an important networking opportunity and emotional support for individuals that may not want to be open about their problem with their friends or family.

When alcohol takes control of a person's life, they can find overcoming this problem extremely difficult if they are not properly prepared and informed. To this end, knowing that alcoholism means more than being unable to hold a job due to drinking, the types of changes that are needed to overcome alcohol dependency and the benefits of outpatient therapy, alcohol rehab, and support groups will be vital in your efforts.