Creating Happiness Every Day
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Creating Happiness Every Day

Although it can be hard to imagine, I started thinking seriously about ending my own life a few years back. I came up with a way to do it and even scheduled things so that I wouldn't hurt anyone, but I knew that I had hit rock bottom. I began focusing seriously on getting my life back on track after a friend of mine noticed I was in trouble, and it was really incredible to witness how much better my life became. This website is all about creating happiness each and every day so that you can enjoy your time.


Creating Happiness Every Day

  • Finding A Better Sense Of Inner Balance

    19 October 2022

    Having a strong sense of inner balance can be a critical factor in determining a person's overall quality of life. Unfortunately, it is often a challenge for individuals to maintain a strong sense of this balance given the hectic schedules that people may have to follow. Create Boundaries Between Your Work And Your Personal Life An important step in finding inner balance can be creating a strong sense of separation between a person's professional and personal lives.

  • Need A Fresh Vision For Your Life? How A Life Coach Can Help

    27 June 2022

    If you are feeling stuck in the same old routine of daily living, you are not alone. It is not uncommon for people to feel as if they are missing something, or that their life is not as fulfilling as it once was. Fortunately, with the help of a life coach, you do not have to live stuck in a mediocre life.  Stop dreaming and staring doing Do you often find yourself dreaming about losing weight, saving money, or getting a new job but lack the motivation to get started?

  • Are Physically Disabled? Types Of Jobs That Would Work Well For You

    24 February 2022

    If you are physically disabled and your mobility is affected but would still like to work, there are many different types of jobs you could do. Keep reading so you can start looking for a new job and get to work.  Work in an Office Setting Getting a job where you can sit in an office much of the day is perfect for you. When it comes to these jobs you have a wide variety to choose from.